2018-09-18 15:45


Zapraszamy do wzięcia udziału w szacowaniu wartości zamówienia na wykonanie usługi szkoleniowej.


2018-09-17 19:33

Wręczenie nagród

Uroczyste wręczenie nagród laureatom VI edycji konkursów dla dzieci i młodzieży odbędzie się w dniach 4-5 października 2018 r w Kaliszu.



2012-12-08 18:24

The plate of The mercy

This is a new nationwide initiative of our Society and the „For Your Fellow Man…” Foundation.  The campaign refers to a tradition of leaving one empty plate at a Christmas table for a stranger.


2012-11-23 18:20

Consultation of standards of services for the homeless

St Brother Albert’s Aid Society together with five other partners of a project „Aid standards” would like to encourage everyone to read and comment a Model Communal Standard of Leaving Homelessness Behind (GSWB Model).


2012-08-09 19:18

Poverty is Not a Crime campaign

FEANTSA (the European Federation of National Organizations Working with the Homeless) has launched a “Poverty is not a crime” campaign against giving fines or putting to prison homeless who are caught in public space, sleep outdoors and in non-residential premises or collect recyclable materials.


2012-07-14 19:14

Under the scorching sun

Sixth day on the road. Destination: Jasna Gora. We have to reach it, says a father leading the pilgrims in the group of St Kazimierz. Some residents of the Przemysl St Brother Albert’s shelter, i.e. Edek, Franek, Pawel and Tomek are also among the pilgrims.


2012-07-11 19:13

Wroclaw Cup 2012

IV International Street Football Cup of the Homeless and Sobriety Communities is to take place on 14-15 July at the Wroclaw Old Market Square.


2012-06-13 18:41

Under the auspices of Brother Albert

On Saturday, 9 June in the Krakow Ecce Homo Sanctuary the annual pilgrimage of the Society gathered for the 15th time.


2012-05-19 18:39

The Fundraiser's Club in Wroclaw

Another meeting of the Fundraiser’s Club is taking place in Wroclaw next week, with Marcin Supranowicz as a speaker.


2012-04-25 18:27

Farewell to Lech Pazdzior

Lech Pazdzior – a lawyer from Wroclaw, a co-founder and the first President of St Brother Albert’s Aid Society – has passed away.


2012-03-31 18:24

“Patron” Cooperative awarded

“Patron” Social Cooperative has won a competition entitled “Social Entrepreneur from Lower Silesia 2011” organized by the Social Economy Development Foundation.


2012-03-18 17:19

Record auction

Gains from the XII edition of „To our brothers and sisters” Auction amounted to PLN 760 thousand, breaking the record of the XI edition i.e. PLN 600 thousand.